UNV’s projected future profit growth is a robust 26.49%, with an underlying 62.89% growth from its revenues expected over the upcoming years. It appears that UNV’s profitability may be sustainable as the fundamental push is top-line expansion rather than unmaintainable cost-cutting activities.

Robust, high-growth companies such as Altium are appealing to investors for many reasons. They bring about a strong upside to your portfolio, and less downside risk as opposed to financially challenged companies. Investment in growth companies can benefit your current holdings, whether it be in established tech giants or undiscovered micro-caps. Here, I’ve put together a few companies the market is particularly optimistic towards.

Extreme optimism for ALU, as market analysts projected an outstanding earnings growth rate of 22.52% for the stock, supported by a double-digit sales growth of 40.71%. An affirming signal is when net income increase is supported by top-line growth. Since net income isn’t artificially inflated by one-off initiatives such as cost-cutting, we know this profit growth is more likely to be sustainable. This prospective profitability should trickle down to shareholders, with analysts expecting the company to generate a high double-digit return on equity of 31.79%. ALU’s bullish prospects on both the top and bottom lines make it an interesting stock to invest more time to understand how it can add value to your portfolio. Thinking of investing in ALU? Check out its fundamental factors here…