Universal Coal takes a proactive approach towards Environmental management. Prior mining activities all environmental impacts are identified and environmental managements plans (“EMP”) developed. The EMP is developed to address the negative impacts which could arise from the exploration, operation and decommissioning phase. The main environmental aspects of our operations relates to Water Management, Land and biodiversity Management, Waste Management, Air quality Management, Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Environmental Legal Compliance

  • Our goal is to go beyond compliance with environmental statutory requirements.
  • Kangala, Ubuntu and NCC Collieries have been granted all relevant environmental licenses to operate, i.e. Environmental Management Plans in terms of the MPRDA, Act 28 of 2002, Integrated Water Use Licenses in terms of the National Water Act, Act of 36 of 1998, Environmental Authorization in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, Act 107, 1998 and Waste Licenses in terms of the National Environmental Waste Act, Act 59 of 2008.

Environmental Performance

  • Environmental objectives and targets have been developed to provide clear benchmarks against which to measure the improvement and success of our environmental programmes over time.
  • No major or reportable environmental non-compliances have occurred in all our operations.

Environmental Monitoring and Review

  • Environmental monitoring reviews which include inspections, risk assessments, internal audits, independent audits and the processing and analyses of environmental data are conducted regularly to assess and generate mitigation plans to manage the impacts of mining activities on the environment.

Rehabilitation and Closure

  • The rehabilitation liability for the Kangala and NCC Roodekop Collieries have been accurately quantified and the financial guarantees have been provided to the Department of Mineral Resources to provision for rehabilitation costs at mine closure.
  • Concurrent rehabilitation by means of roll over method is currently underway at Kangala Colliery.

Rollover mining process at Kangala Mine, rehabilitation continuously taking place during mining