Universal’s approach to socio-economic development is about empowering previously disadvantaged members of our host communities with resources, support and skills so they can become economically active and ultimately lead better lives.

We strive to nurture, advance and sustain small, medium and micro enterprises in our areas of operation, by providing technical and business development support through mentoring and coaching. In FY2019, Universal invested R125m, R252m and R194m at Kangala, NCC and NBC respectively, on procurement from local municipality HDSAs.

Community development is an integral part of our strategic commitment to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate and the lives that we touch throughout our business value chain. We believe that this investment will result in the socio-economic independence of the people surrounding our areas of operations, beyond our mining activities. We actively support projects and have rolled out various corporate social investment programmes which positively impact the communities in which we operate.

Kangala initiates and implements a variety of local economic development projects to improve the lives of those living close to our operations.

We have identified education as a key area that will change the lives of those in our host communities. Universal Coal offers skills training programmes, internships and learnerships, higher education funding and are helping to build further education facilities and are making donations to local community schools.

2018 Kangala Colliery Bursary Fund recipients [photo]New Clydesdale Colliery Bursary Fund recipients